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Five Questions with Connie Armbruster Quave, Real Estate Advisor

Monday, July 16th, 2018 at 4:44pm Engel & Völkers New Orleans

For those of us who have the pleasure of working with Connie Armbruster Quave on a daily basis, we can tell you that she has one of the most fun-loving, entertaining and calming personalities we know -  and she always seems to have it together while running in 15 different directions!   Connie is also very talented outside of her work as a Real Estate Advisor - She has the amazing ability to create unique, topical lyrics to popular tunes - she recently performed an adapted cover of "Dancing Queen" based on her work as a Real Estate Agent (and that video has gone viral in our Engel & Völkers global network!). A mother, a wife, and a friend - today, July 16, is also her birthday!  Here were her answers to our monthly interview series "Five Questions With..." - covering parenting, keeping it together while on a roadtrip and more!
  1. As a lifelong resident of Lake Vista, there are probably many reasons you stayed in the neighborhood and raised your family there.  What are the main reasons (maybe the top 2 or 3)?  " It's hard to choose 1 reason why I chose to stay in Lake Vista.  I suppose that being raised here, that's just who I am.  I love walking by the lake, enjoying the quiet mornings and beautiful sunsets. There is nothing else in town like our unique green spaces in Lake Vista - there's no better place to raise a family with the lanes and parks at our front door.
  2. As a busy mom, involved community member, and full-time Real Estate Advisor, how do you remain so calm and organized? " Keeping calm is a skill I have acquired over a lifetime of chaotic scheduling as a mother of four. I couldn't do half of what I do without having a to-do list everyday and my big color-coded calendar in my kitchen with everyone's life on it.  I do my best to time block for business appointments, prospecting, account management and personal & family time.  I have learned from being a realtor that this is key to staying organized - and sane!"
  3. You and your family take an annual road trip together over summer vacation.   What has been your favorite destination or event along the way? "Every summer all six of us get in a rental van and do a big road trip.  We've seen a lot of the country and had some great times!  I can't really pick a favorite, as I have so many great memories, but Utah sticks out as the most amazing and varied topography I've ever seen. Strange and beautiful place!"
  4. Your co-workers have enjoyed your singer/songwriter/guitar playing skills several times.   How did you discover that talent? "From as far as I can remember back I loved to sing and make up songs.  Music and creative writing have played a huge part in my life. As a kid I was known for doing imitations of performers and started to make up parodies of songs in my teens.  When the "new" Country music hit the scene after Urban Cowboy, I really did not like the direction it was taking.  I preferred the old standards like the tunes of Patsy Cline & Johnny Cash.  Those were great songs that told a story.  The commercialization of the genre inspired me to write a better song, so I started writing my own country music and lyrics. When my kids were little I was always making up songs for them. Parody was always a thing with me, so it was a natural progression to make up real estate related parodies. It's a fun hobby
  5. You have 4 children, 3 of which are in college.   One of your college krewe chose to attend a University not just out of state, but out of the country.  As we approach the end of the summer and the High School Class of 2018's parents begin to prepare for their son or daughter to head off to college, what advice would you give them (particularly to those whose first or only child is leaving home for the first time)? "As a parent of four (three currently in college), my advice to parents with children is this: Be there for your kids to encourage and support them through these big changes they are going through "adulting"  but DO NOT BE A HELICOPTER PARENT.  Let them make their own mistakes - and successes.  It's hard to do, but it's our responsibility as parents to let them go."

For all your Real Estate Needs, or even some advice on parenting 4 children with 4 equally as fun and spirited personalities, contact Connie today!.    She is a Licensed Realtor with the LREC and is an Accredited Buyer's Representative.

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