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Using Realtors As Your Secret Weapon to Attract New Employees

Thursday, March 8th, 2018 at 9:46pm Engel & Völkers New Orleans

How Realtors Can Help Employers Recruit & Retain Employees

Employers routinely rely on providing a depth and range of employee benefits in order to successfully recruit and retain employees.  Most often, the term “employee benefits” is limited to basics like paid vacation and sick leave but may also include access to various types of insurance - health, dental, vision, short/long-term disability, life insurance, etc.  Depending on the size of the employer, they may also provide additional services such as wellness programs, awards and recognition programs, and possibly contributions toward retirement programs.

One secret weapon that employers can add to their benefits programs, at no cost, is through a partnership with a local real estate brokerage. "Through a dedicated partnership with a leading local real estate brokerage like Engel & Völkers New Orleans, an employer is able to offer added services and support for their recruiting and retention efforts that they may have never thought possible," says Ryan Rodrigue, Vice President - Sales & Administration, Hollis Companies Employee Benefits.   Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Our Real Estate Advisors are experts in the local real estate market, engaged in the community, and are skilled at the art of selling the Big Easy.    

    • We can help recruiters with custom, collaborative marketing materials designed to entice new employees from out-of-state and provide employers the peace of mind the potential employee is receiving our white-glove, concierge-level service.

    • Whether a new employee needs interim housing, a long-term rental, or even if they need help with selling a home out-of-area, our Advisors and the strength of our global network can provide a seamless experience for them during an otherwise hectic time..

    • Our Advisors, along with strategic partners such as Title Concierge and leading local banks, can provide home buying seminars and market reports for employees.   

  • Current and new employees looking to buy a new home or sell an existing home can be connected with a Real Estate advisor who can help them navigate the entire process including:

    • Helping employees establish relationships with lenders

    • Provide advice on local market conditions throughout the New Orleans area

    • Help identify any grant programs that may offset the cost of purchasing a home

    • Provide complimentary market analyses of an employees current home’s value

    • Identify ways to maximize the value of a home in today’s market

Competence, Exclusivity & Passion are our three core values on which everything we do is built upon.   If you find yourself looking for ways to provide additional benefits and services to your employers, at no cost to you, contact us today to discuss how a strategic partnership with Engel & Völkers New Orleans can do just that.   

Contact Marty Brantley, Vice President - Marketing, for more information.    +1 504-875-3555.



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